Can I pay by credit card or electronic money?

You can pay by credit card. Electronic money is responding with ID and WAON.

Please tell me about the facilities in aquarium.

Here is the detailed information of facilities in aquarium.

Multi-purpose Restrooms

3 places

  • Next to the entrance
  • Nearby Kujukushima Dolphin’s Pool
  • Nearby Hands-on Pearl Harvest Corner(2F)
Men・Women‘s Rsetrooms

5 places

  • Next to the entrance
  • Nearby Kujukushima Dolphin’s Pool(1F)
  • Nearby Hands-on Pearl Harvest Corner(2F)
  • Nearby Special Exhibition Corner(2F)
  • Nearby the AquaShop Kirara
Species of fish,The tank’s amount and capacity

370 species,16000 pieces。65 tanks(fishes 43、jellfishes 20、dolphins 3)

Nursing room

3 places

  • Aquarium Entrance
  • Next to Kujukushima dolphin’s Pool(1F)
  • Observation Lobby(2F)

2 places

  • Next to Hands-on Pearl Harvest (2F)⇔
    Jellfish Symphony Dome (1F)⇔Jellfish Lab(B1F)
  • Entrance(1F)⇔Special Exhibition Corner
AquaShop Kirara is opposite the entrance
Barrier free
Slope、Elevator(2 places)
Dolphin’s Pool Seats
About 70

Can i have a reservation for wheelchairs/strollers rentals?

Wheelchairs and strollers are available for free rental on a first-come, first-served basis.
※ We cannot accept reservations.

Do you have lockers?

There are lockers available at aquarium entrance.
The carrie bag and big szie luggage can be lefted at the ticket counter.

Can i bring my pet ?

Any animals are not allowed to bring except the service dog.
Also can not be keeped here.

Can i take a photograph?

Take photos and videos is be allowed,but can not use the flash at dolphin’s pool.

Can i take foods and drinks into aquarium?

Sorry,can not bring any foods and drinks into aquqrium.
At the observation lobby,you can buy some foods and drinks,but you can only eat here.

Is the water of aquarium come from Kujukushima?

Yes,but it is be filtered.

Who is the designer of aquarium?

Tetsuo Furuichi.

Is there a dome theater?

sorry,we don’t have a dome theater now.
But at the jellyfish symphony dome you can fell the fantatic lights,peaceful music,and elegantly floating jellyfish all together.

Please tell me more about the Shuinsen.

In the 17th century, more than 90% of the trade vessels connecting southern China and Southeast Asia left the port from Hirado in the northern part of the Kujukushima.
The Shuinsen, which was restored on the basis of less retained information, was only 1/3 of its original size.From Shodoshima Island to Sasebo, it actually went to sea.

About the Lost and Found

During the business hours, it will be kept in the ticket counter of the aquarium, and will be moved to the office for safekeeping after the closure of the aquarium.

About the smoking

Smoking is prohibited in the aquarium.Smoking place is at the end of the road between the aquarium and AquaShop Kirara.(Outside)

Is it okay that the turtles in the Goto tank are stuck between the rocks and the tank glass?

Turtles stay under rocks even when they rest or sleep in the sea.
Therefore, it is reasonable to stay in the rock crevice in the aquarium.

Is there a exhibit space for Giant oarfish?

At the children’s square.
A sample of 4.8-metre Giant oarfish was found on the coast of Takushima-tyo, Hirado City, on March 7, 2002.
And part of the body of other is also displayed and can be touched.

Can i see the Dolphin Show? Do i need to pay extra?

There is no extra charge, just the admission fee.